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Let every negative mood open wonderful flowers

Don't hide your negative inner, let them can be seen by yourself dancing

Free dance with free AR

The only way to let your struggle go is to accept them and communicate with them by yourself.

Art creation can be a fast positive feedback for your happiness.


Free plus free, is extremely free. You need to release your worries.

Personal motivation:

Why I want to do the free dance? It is like the body meditation. I got depression before for 3 years. I ate a couple of drugs. My ex- husband left me;  My doctor said I still needed to have drugs for 3 years. 

Anyway I stood up. Just one year I save myself with my inner force. I stopped the psychological counseling. I stopped getting emotion support from any other people. I started to talk with myself. I did the art therapy( I drew with freedom) , I did the meditation( I thought with freedom) , I did aerobic exercise ( I move with freedom) Only for happiness,  I learnt whatever I was curious about, now I know more about my mind and my body with freedom.

It is the arts, meditation and body exercise saved me, it is my inner communication saved me. I started to understand I don't need anything. I have me, that's enough. I am glad to treat my mind and my body like a child. 

That's why my AR project don't need any guidance to guide people how to do.

So my interests is to let every negative energy dare to be seen. What I mean is that negative energy is also amazing. I'd love to do more interactive design to show off  more emotional human- based effects. VR/AR is one of the possibilities to let people know. To transfer the negative emotion into positive energy to let more people naturally save their own emotion. Depression is not a problem until you start to think it is a problem. Personally I think it is just a progress for you to know yourself. You were never sick. Just your heart was exhausted.

So the self-care is my concept.

The explanation of the title:

..What is the ' free dance' ?

Free dance is a human body movement in the physical world of free, including the behaviour of free, the environment of free, the character of free, whatever you want is all free because of the physical world.

..what is the freedom in AR?

First ' freedom' is about button of freedom! Use trigger button to let everything you want happen with your interactive with any part of your human body or the environment. It means you can interactive with yourself.

Why I want to do something more interactive with yourself? Not any other object? I also thought about the exercise game, but I think it is bad to give any guidance for any player. We are human! We don't need any guidance! The real guidance should be from our inner. This is the biggest energy from ourselves. That's a real motivation to exercise, to relax, or to do anything. We need to know ourselves' body breath like meditation. For me, I can get more energy after I dance with myself.

Anyway If audience can get more fun from this work, they'd love to do more exercise like dance. They can release their negative energy , get the positive energy from this dance because:

I found creation is one of the important way to get happiness. Actually this project is a creation from human performance. It can give the performer real energy and real happiness. Because of our mind( I don't know why getting happiness but creation which does work) The Player can get positive feedback from their own free body movement. It is an extreme positive circulation that they get positive emotion feedback from themselves, no matter what they were feeling. This is what I always want to express. Nobody know ourselves more than ourselves. Only we can save ourselves' everything.

This is also why I didn't add any obvious UI button. Here is just human body and nature, free visualization. I think nothing is more important than your breathing with yourself. I hope the real exercise should have the motivation from our inner, not from some intensive goals.

I hope the players focus on themselves and getting feedback. Just like this, I did it!

Personally I want to make this AR work for myself to get some communication with myself because of busy work.

Also this is a good communication with your favourite artists, the musicians, the performers. You can just use your camera to catch their movement with their emotional performance. It could be a big fun if you show off your recording for them after their shows.

Second ' freedom' is about the visualization of freedom. I chose Visual Effects, as it can show the trailers, nature animation with life time, it looks like the abstract force with random rhythm like the human body movement trace! 

Like this art work created by me before,

截屏2023-01-13 19.44.25.png
This is only in one hand
截屏2022-12-13 12.06.02.png
截屏2023-01-13 19.48.57.png
LeftHand trigger with Spine7, something happened in the Spine7, but VFX will be shown on the feet.
Why I let the Spine7 control the position of feet?
Because if you put VFX in only one foot, it looks bad; If VFX can be moved with one foot, it is uncoordinated on the body.
And I can't put 2 VFX on the feet. It can work, but if it is a trailer, it is too much.
Like this:
That's why finally my demo just use two VFX, I created more though.
*The second term, I have more understanding about human body movement and music interactive by learning Data And Machine Learning and MAX.
I added 3 buttons of interactive with 3 universes, and 3 buttons of VFX interactive; and also added several body buttons that you cannot see to trigger sounds by human body movement.
Sounds, codings, visualizations all from me.
In unity
I also tried the mesh, but I delete them, it look too compicated; But I did it~

Here is a small trailer happened when Left Hand trigger with the head button
zhangtianyuan-art work_14.png
Test environment in AR
I add several trigger button, they all worked~~~~ Just because of life time, it is too complicated, so I delete a couple of them to make it look good!
I also make VFX and mesh show in Uduino with distance sensors triggering, it is amazing~
截屏2023-01-13 20.56.44.png
Texture I practiced
截屏2023-01-13 20.56.33.png
截屏2023-01-13 20.56.37.png
Texture and mesh I practiced
截屏2023-01-13 19.44.48.png
The scenes I tested
截屏2023-01-13 19.48.39.png
The VFX I tested, actually it is more changed
截屏2023-01-13 19.48.53.png
The Controlled robot with different setting up I tested, because of the life time and trailers, and also the box collider, the position.
It should look simple and wonderful, can't add too much. though it all worked.~
截屏2022-12-09 20.40.31.png
截屏2022-12-08 00.07.44.png
截屏2022-12-16 16.28.30.PNG
截屏2022-12-13 12.00.30.png
截屏2022-12-07 23.52.30.png
截屏2022-12-27 14.01.12.png
截屏2022-12-09 16.23.53.png
截屏2022-12-09 15.45.04.PNG
Failed in SkinnedMeshRenderer Trailers
MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png
MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png
Reflection PDF
User Experience

User experience


A couple of love letters( Except self- care)

To the musician

Introduction just for you:

You can open the button of visualization by touching( triggering into) with any part of your human body. It just depends on when, where, you wanted to push, touch, release with your freestyle.

It could be your individual MV creation; This MV is different with the popular MV, the storytelling forever only told by yourself, you can choose the environment with your movement, you can express whatever you feel with your original movement, you can open the visualization whenever if you want.

You are yourself, the only thing you need to do is to contect me to design just for you.

What I can do for you:

Every part that you can imagine, I can add any visualization just for you:

Each sphere you see can work as a trigger,

You can make something happen when you use any part of your human body trigger ( touch, click, push) any of them.

I add the box colider.

Here are two lines we can develop:


Put all of the buttons as a child file of the human body;

It means all of the buttons still move with you, you can trigger them with the changing of the physical environment.


Put all of the buttons just in the space of the surrounding environment, so they are individual, you can interactive the environment if you want! The air is free, but we also need to design the environment.


For example:

Something happened in the HeadButton if LeftHand trigger it:

图片 1.png

Here is a HeadButton, it is a button with mesh FBX created by me, I add the LeftHandAppear Script, the Script is:

So I also add the tag of the ‘LeftHand’ in the left hand.


It means I can make something happen in a mesh I created, the visualization of the mesh can be changed, the position of the mesh is also changeable.

Make something happen is more like the power you release when you perform.


Some example of the Visual Effects I created for myself dance.

I hope it is free, natural, metrical

I design it with the thinking of direction of the force of movement.

截屏2023-01-12 15.11.54.png
zhangtianyuan-art work_14.png

This is my art work before.

To the lovers for concert, drama

You can use this AR app directly in your phone;

When you met your favourite musician, performer, singer, dancer,

please directly use this camera to make a interactive creation for them;

Then show off!

To make a good communication with them!

They will remember you!

Sorry, I didn't go to see any concert on this holiday, maybe later posted.

Anyway I am the best singer and performer in most parties...


To the Meeting- up User experience

This is a good tool to attract your audiences' attention,

you know, just put it in your entrance of meeting- up, everyone will love to experience it!

Then they will remember every your business idea with huge enthusiasm.


To the headphones business

This is what I mostly want to try for this project.


The advertisement!


Why it is useful for the advertisement of headphone?

When people dance with freedom, don't care about other people.

It is also a concept for headphones.

This is what I felt excited!

I think people who would love to buy headphones is to enjoy their private time and enjoying music.

If of your advertisement, dancers with your headphones dance with my AR project, looking very enjoyable, the advertisement could attract audiences' attention.

If you attract their attention, they would love to buy your products.

This is the best application what I felt!

Because when I dance with headphones, I will more focus on my feelings, and I will enjoy dance with a couple of funs.

It will also let audiences feel the quality of this product is really hign!

Because dancers are all focusing on themselves!

I can imagine a view that a woman dance with freedom with AR, and also with your products.

Other people on the streets all look at him, but he doesn't care, like me~ > .<

To be continued

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